Utilize Us for all Your Real Estate Needs.

Contacts and resources are an integral part when it comes to real estate. You need a Realtor with contacts and someone who is familiar with their area. We have been in Tucson for 20+ years and naturally have developed strong relationships with people from inspectors to lenders to pest control and roofers. 

Although Tucson is a growing city, the personal and professional relationships that we have formed remain strong and continue to grow. For most of your home care needs, we "know a guy," that can get the job done! 

We have also included a few useful documents for a quick reference guide. These include a detailed description of what escrow is and why it's important, a guide walking you through the escrow process, a form on how to take title in Arizona, a multicultural resources page, a map of the Pima County schools districts, the names and numbers of services and utilities around town, the Title Security Agency home buyer's guide, and a Tucson guide to show you all Tucson has to offer!